Monday, November 10, 2008

The Moat Goes On

Here we go again! Well, I guess I should say, "Here we keep going!" since the digging on the south side of the house is simply a continuation of the digging on the north side of the house. But, I get ahead of myself. First, I should show you the progress reached on the north side of the house.

Here is the finished frost wall on the north side of the house.

And here is the concrete base for what will soon be the foundation for the den and kitchen.

Here's the forms for the new foundation.

And what's that peeking out from inside those forms? (Take a look at how the earth is crumbling from under the supports holding up the kitchen roof!)

Well, lookee there. It's our new kitchen and den foundation! Now, that didn't take long.

So now we're ready to move on to the south side of the house. Back to the picture of the back hoe at the top of this post. Lindsay came back early last week and dug the trench for the frost wall along the south side of the house. In order to put the frost wall along the foundation, the guys had to remove the small porch deck off the kitchen, and what is that they found under the deck?

Is that sawdust?

No, it's sunflower seeds.

Lots and lots of sunflower seeds.

And how, pray tell, did all those sunflower seeds get under there?

Damned, cute little chipmunk! I'm sure it wasn't just him. I'm sure he and his ancestors have been at it for decades.

So, when Lindsay dug the trench on the south side, we, of course, found more water. It's rather exhausting.

What they also found was that the foundation under the part of the dining room that extends out from the house really wasn't a foundation at all!

So that means they have to pour a foundation under it just as they did under the kitchen and den. Which means they have to dig everything out from under the dining extension and prop the dining room up so it doesn't fall off the side of the house. Essentially.

Hope the dining room doesn't fall on his head!

That little white pipe you see coming out from the foundation is the pipe to the septic system. It ain't all that far underground! I hope if I ever put in a kitchen garden out there my rototiller doesn't get tangled up in it!

It's all a little nervous making. It's also such a big screaming a**ed mess!

Like our porta potty in the trees?