Friday, November 21, 2008

Imagine if you will . . .

Now that the drainage has been installed and the foundation frost wall poured, tarred, insulated and covered, the framing of the two back rooms is now moving right along. What you see in the picture directly below are the openings for the two windows on either side of the hoped for fireplace, as well as the opening for the French doors that will lead onto the hoped for reclaimed brick or field stone patio.

Here is the view from inside looking at the imaginary fireplace flanked by the two windows.

Here is the view out the French doors onto the imaginary patio.

Here is the view out the east windows of the den looking up the hill to the timberline. Imagine the mounds of fill are beautiful flowers.

And here is the view into the pantry which will separate the kitchen from the den.

And this is the view into the kitchen standing in the archway between the kitchen and the den. The pantry is on the left of where I'm standing, the French doors to my right and behind me.