Thursday, October 9, 2008

First Autumn

It's been a long time since I have lived some place that fully experiences the change of seasons. In NYC we experienced the change of seasons mostly via the fluctuating temperatures, and occasional snow. But all that defines each season pretty much escapes most people living in the city. So I am truly relishing the change of season that has been going on around us from the day we moved in. On August 22nd, this was the first sign of things to come, just across the street from us:

Although it was fun to see this first hint of autumn, that we were seeing it in August made me a little nervous. I have heard that we have short summers here, but chilly temperatures in August would be a little silly. If this was what we were going to have to put up with, well, I was just going to have to show my face at a town meeting and get this addressed! Not to fear. We had warm weather really clear through September. It probably wasn't until the very end of September or beginning of October that things started getting chilly here, mostly at night. Now autumn temperatures are very fully here and we are in the throes of the season and the colors are glorious. Peak probably won't be happening for another week. As I drive the area, I see great swatches of the mountains that are still largely green. Now, I do need my eyes checked, so for all I know what I'm looking at are pine trees and will be, well, forever green. Like they say. But I don't think so.

We have woods directly across the street from the house, but they're a little difficult to take pictures of because of the power lines that separate us and them. Luckily, we have woods directly behind the house as well, and the only thing that separates us from them - at least for now - is the blasted overgrowth, but even in these photos it's all very beautiful.

One night last week I was out working on clearing some more of the brush just as the sun was setting. Orange light of sunset falling on orange autumn trees is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. And to think this is right in my own backyard. (Didn't Dorothy say something about everything she was looking for was right in her own backyard?)