Sunday, February 12, 2012

Summer Camp 2011

Yes. I am way behind in posting. And I thought I'd better slap these photos up quick before Summer Camp 2012 is underway. It could happen.

The first two summers here found Mickey at a summer camp not far from the house called Flying Cloud. It was a very eccentric and eclectic place with a varied curriculum and amazing teachers. It was hugely expensive to send Mick there, but since Tom and I both work and no family lives nearby, we had no choice. Now that Tom is a public school teacher and on the same schedule essentially as Mick, we decided to mix up Mick's summer camp a bit and not send him to one summer camp the entire summer. We also found that by placing him with different day camps around the area, each camp having a narrow focus, we could actually save money and give him a more varied yet concentrated experience.

Since Mick loves art, drawing specifically, we enrolled him in various classes at an art school in Stockbridge, a town two towns north of where we are. While he was there he seemed to love it, but after it was all over, he confessed he found it boring. I think that if his classes were more drawing centered and not so arts craftsy, he's like them better. Who knows. Below are a few photos of the school and some of his finished products.

Each class lasted a week and had a different theme. One theme was "Up, Up and Away!" and focused on things that flew. Below is his hot air balloon - a very heavy hot air balloon made of ceramic, a bird and a wind sock.

Mickey's spent one week at a soccer camp from 9 am to 3 pm. I thought for sure he'd hate it. I can't hardly get him outside at home for more than 15 minutes at a time, and here he was going to have to be outside in the heat, sweating and with bugs a plenty but he loved it.

His last week of summer camp was spent at a YMCA camp called Camp Wa Wa Segowea and it is not five minutes from the house. At this camp he got to do all kinds of things - swimming, boating, archery, and all kinds of games. Again, he was outside all ding dong day in the woods with bugs and he loved it so much he wants to spend a week of sleep away camp there this coming summer. We're contemplating fewer day camps this coming summer, but letting him show us how grown up he can be - Oh, Lord! - and go to sleep away camp at Camp Wa Wa for one week. He'd love it, if he could hold it together. I'd be a little weirded out, but thankfully it is, like I said, not five minutes from the house. We'll see.