Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mick's First Job

After school let out and Mickey was spending time with his friend, Lily, who lives up the street and who always seems to have cash to spend at The Southfield Store, Mick started itching to have his own cash for spending at The Store. His little wheels a-spinning, he began questioning me where he could get his own money. I proposed that he do some out of the ordinary jobs around the house that I needed done and would be willing to pay him for, like vacuuming and washing the cars. I offered to pay him $10 if he'd do the Blazer because that's what it would cost me if I did it myself in town at the wash. He was all for it. So, Saturday came and he couldn't wait to get outside and get started. After I  made my weekly trip to the transfer station (read "town dump"), I hauled the vacuum cleaner out to the driveway and he started in. I honestly thought he would last about five minutes. I told him I had to check his work and approve and if I found where he needed to do a better job, I would tell him and wouldn't accept attitude or a meltdown. He agreed. About an hour later, the Blazer was thoroughly vacuumed and washed. Perfectly spic and span? No, but highly acceptable and, most importantly, I didn't have to do it!