Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ah, the Days of Summer!

I meant to post these photos last summer, but was too overwhelmed with everything else to do so. Now, as the spring rains come and the snows melt and temperatures begin to rise, I thought I'd post them to remind ourselves of the warm, and soggy (in so many ways) days of past and the warm, and hopefully less soggy, days soon to come.

One warm day last summer when it wasn't raining, Mickey and I were home and he was yearning for a play date, as he always is. We made a phone call to his friend Alek's mom, Lori - who you do not see in the photos - and asked if Alek could come and play. Yes, Lily could come, too. Then, we got a call from Lori who asked if she could bring along two little boys - Winter, and the other name escapes me as I write this - whose dad, Asa, was having a meeting up the street with Alek's dad. The boys were sitting in the office bored out of their minds and trying to behave. Sure, the more the merrier! Soon, Lori arrived with the four kids in tow. We pointed them toward our "playground" and said "have at it", while she and I sat in the shade barking at them to stay away from us with the squirt guns. Before long, Asa arrived, his part of the meeting having ended. Asa picked up a squirt gun, or two, and Lori and I couldn't figure out who was the bigger kid! The afternoon was sheer joy and bedlam.