Monday, September 28, 2009

Summer Fun

Nothing says summer fun like spending a beautiful evening out together with family and friends when the carnival comes to town.

Here is Mickey and Lily. Lily lives with her mom out near Boston and spends weekends with here dad here in Southfield. Mickey and Lily spent loads of time together this summer.

Daniel and Abby are older than Mickey, but became friends because they rode the school bus together. Their Dad is our electrician.

This is Hunter and Chaice. They used to ride the bus with Mickey, but now they ride the "big bus" which takes them over to the school in Sheffield.

Mickey loves hanging out with the older kids, and was usually just as daring. The one attraction that appealed to them all was the slide. Mickey couldn't get enough of it! He went down it . . .

again . . .

and again . . .

and again!

Lily wasn't exactly too keen on the slide, nor any other kind of ride which went too high or too fast, which was just fine. Mick began to notice that by hanging out with just the older kids, he was missing out on some really fun things that appealed to he and Lily but that the older kids, for some reason, had no interest in - like jumping endlessly on the bouncy thing.

It was a fun time and a beautiful evening.