Sunday, September 13, 2009

Catching Up

Lord have mercy. Time does fly. I cannot believe summer is over. Where in the world did it go? It rained for two months, everyone molded, gardens rotted. It's nice now, but soon we'll be up to our eyeballs in snow. Lord have mercy.

As usual, lots has happened since my last post, but I simply haven't stayed up late enough to sit and type at my blog. By the time I get through watching So You Think You Can Dance, Top Chef, Dancing With The Stars, Project Runway, and Kathy Griffin, while drinking super-sized gin and tonics, I can only do one thing and that is to go to bed. (When I started composing this post on August 7th, the preceding sentence was an apt description of my usual evening. However, I have since begun to pick up three night shifts, in addition to the 40 hours of day work I put in at the store, so now I really have no time to write my blog!) Tonight, however, I decided I'd better sacrifice some television and sleep in order to do some catching up. Fill 'er up!

Earlier this spring, when it was still cold out and snow was still lingering on the ground, Mickey and I dropped by the home of one of the Store's regulars. Her name is Julia and she loves to collect animals. Her husband is a famous Oscar-winning special effects designer. Julia is very nice and is always trying to get me to bring Mickey to her place to see her animals. This spring she had baby goats and donkeys. We made over to see the goats but we never got to see the donkeys. By the time I got Mick back for a second visit, the donkey's weren't cute babies anymore. Oh well. There'll be more.

Mama and Kids, in miniature.

Mickey just had to hold the goats. It took a bit of coaxing from Julia, but the goats finally obliged.

Okay, everybody look at the camera . . .

. . . and smile!

Come back here!

This crazy old goat poked his head in to see what the heck was going on.

Julia took Mick out to see rest of the livestock.

The ram to Julia's left LOVED to ram anyone who came near. Watch out, Mick!

Goats in motion: