Monday, June 29, 2009

Good Friends

We've been very lucky with regard to making friends here in the Berkshires. And some of our best new friends are also our neighbors. Lucky us, really. About a month or so ago, our neighbors Michael and Elise, who moved into their house just after we moved into ours, had a tag sale. I was at work, but Tom and Mickey went to check things out. And while they were there, they ran into other great neighbors of ours, Jeff, and his daughter, Lily. They moved into their house just up the street from us earlier this spring. Before time got too far away from me, I wanted to post these pictures that were taken by Mickey, Michael and Elise.

Michael and Elise by Mickey:

Mickey and Michael by Elise:

Mickey and Lily by Elise:

Papa, Elise, Jeff and Lily by Mickey: