Thursday, December 18, 2008


All I have to say is BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS! Do it NOW! Do not wait! Don't ignore your Norton reminders telling you that you haven't backed up in a while! BACK UP, FOR GOD'S SAKE, BACK UP!!

The other night while trying to log Mickey onto the computer, the lights, and the computer, went black. I knew I could get the electricity back on by trading out a fuse from another part of the house, but I also knew it could take me a while. I told Mickey he was going to have to settle for watching cartoons because we didn't have any fuses. White lie, but hey. Actually, I had just bought fuses. Unfortunately, the screw in part was not the right size.

So, while I was fixing dinner I took a look at the fuse box and couldn't see any that were blown. I twisted each fuse and found that the culprit was simply loose. The lights came back on and so did the computer, but the surge did not make the computer happy. For hours that night I tried everything to get the damned thing to boot up, but could only get it up so far. I did discover that I could try "System Recovery", but also discovered - almost too late - that "System Recovery" deletes every file you have on your computer and re-installs the factory settings. Sigh. When I log off here I am going to attempt a system recovery, and if that doesn't work, we'll have to find someone who can fix it, or MERRY CHRISTMAS TO US and we'll buy yet another one. Sigh.

So drop everything you're doing at this very moment and GO BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER FILES! FOR GOD'S SAKE!

(Oh. You may be wondering how I created this post without a computer. We have an ancient laptop that we use on such occasions.)