Monday, September 15, 2008

A Few Deer Neighbors

Our house is located on what used to be called Main Street, I believe. At least, I have seen it referred to as such in various publications. Whether you call it Norfolk Road or Main Street, it is ultimately the main street of the village of Southfield. There's not much to the village of Southfield but a couple hand fulls of very old homes, a new house or two, a store converted to a bakery and restaurant, a church and an antique center which used to be the Turner & Cook Buggy Whip Factory (Cook, as in the builder of our house). And surrounding our quiet village are lots of woods and farms. And in those woods live lots of animals. On a recent trip up through the woods, we came upon various shaped and sized piles, evidence that various animals had recently walked the same woods. We're not quite up on our piles of animal poop, but there all sorts of creatures living around us. Just the other evening, a friend of our next door neighbors regaled us with stories about a 350 pound bear who drags her trash into the woods each morning. And she lives about 2 miles down the road. Surround by the same woods that surround us. Fun.

The other evening upon our return from doing laundry in town - how I hate not having a washer and dryer at the house - Mickey and I spotted three deer in the vacant lot abutting the swamp in our north yard. They stuck around for these few fuzzy pictures. It was actually darker out than these pictures show, but the miracle of computers allowed me to shed a bit more light on our exciting subjects.