Wednesday, November 19, 2008

As Grandma Foon would say . . .

Now where was I? Let's see. I told you they poured the foundation wall on the north side of the house. Well, they have since tarred and insulated it, and as you can see, they have filled the trench with the back fill.

They have poured the foundation walls on the south side of the house . . .

. . . and have tarred and insulated them as well.

They have laid more drainage around the east and south sides of the house . . .

. . . and have decided to lay drain pipe UNDER the basement floor (needless to say, there are springs under the house that they're trying to contain.) Below, you see the "tunnel" they have created under the concrete base for the new foundation under the dining room extension. There will be a blue pipe laid under the basement floor which will come out through that tunnel and connect to the rest of the drainage. The white pipe you see above it is the pipe to our septic tank.

The blue pipe you see below is the pipe from the septic tank to the leech fields which are under our front yard.

To build the new foundation under the dining room extension, they used Styrofoam forms which, once the concrete is poured, are left behind to act as insulation for the new wall.

Here's the new "doorway" from the basement into our new and unplanned for wine celler!

And each day when I come home from work I'm reminded of Grandma Foon whose reaction to the progress would undoubtedly be, "It just gets worser and worser!"

In all the digging, they have unearthed lots of enormous boulders.

There are plans for these wonderful boulders, but just in case those plans do not come to fruition, I'm going to keep them secret.

So, now that all the trenches have been filled in . . .

. . . Lindsay has begun to take off all the top soil from the north yard. He will then lay all the excess fill from the trenches onto the north yard and then cover it with the top soil. When he is done, the north yard will be flatter and the drastic slope which now exists between the front and north yards will be softer.