Monday, September 22, 2008

Harvest Supper

We love Mickey's elementary school. He attends the New Marlborough Central School which has only grades K through 4. After 4th grade he will attend Undermountain School in Sheffield. The bus now picks him up around 7:40 each morning. Once he goes to Undermountain for 5th grade he will have to be outside at 7:15. Eeek.

Each year NMCS hosts a Harvest Supper. The school has a garden which they use to teach the children about all sorts of things: growing vegetables, bugs, birds, and Native American traditions, among others. Each year the school children harvest the vegetables for the school's Harvest Supper. The vegetables are made into "Three Sisters Soup", which I believe has Native American roots. The children also prepare the corn muffins and they take turns hand churning the butter, which I gotta tell you I could have eaten by the handfuls. It was sooooo good.

The school is in the village of Mill River, one of the five villages that make up the town of New Marlborough. The school is very cute and is surrounded by gorgeous lands and trees. Can you imagine having recess in this setting:

The school is small. I think there are only 85 kids in the entire school. There are 14 kids in Mickey's Kindergarten class, 11 of which are boys. Can you imagine? Mrs. Lampman, the Kindergarten teacher, says it's a lively bunch. Can you imagine 11 of these in one small room:

Mrs. Lampman. Think Shirley Maclaine.

Mr. Maguire, the principal. Look familiar?