Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Funny Ducks

Chickens are funny. Fact of life. Nothing is funnier. Well, maybe. I think ducks may be funnier. I never thought of ducks as being funny, but Groucho may have been on to something. I mean, he didn't have a chicken drop from the ceiling. His hit movie wasn't called "Chicken Soup". Ducks are funny. They have personality, which makes them funny.

Up the street from us live five ducks, and whenever it rains you can count on finding them enjoying the puddle that forms in the middle of the street in front of their home. It's the silliest thing. They have no idea. They're kind of like sheep, but vain. Or stupid. Both?

It rains? There they are, silly as you please, splashing around in the puddle, preening, and generally getting in the way. Of course traffic, what there is of it, stops, and everyone just kind of waits. In the photos below I really dig the guy with the cigarette playing crossing guard. His name is Paul. He lives there in the yellow house (look at the slant his porch has!), but the ducks are not his. They belong to the owner of the house that is behind the yellow house. You can't see it in the photos. I guess there isn't a pond for them at home, so they make do when they can. I do enjoy seeing them. Maybe one day they'll come for a play date.